Canguo Liu for 3DForm
Canguo Liu for 3DForm

Teaching Philosophy 

Canguo Liu

Learning as a Machine

After teaching at the university level for ten years in 2016, inspired by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Prof. Liu transformed his teaching into an aesthetic experiential journey for the creative mind. His reverse-bionics teaching method focuses on task-based creative repetition. The method he described as Drawing Eggs or Learning as a Machine. He created successful modules and led the student to follow him to keep repeating a processing-unit creatively; each time, he will turn the formula and change variables.

More advanced techniques introduce at a very early stage of students learning. The student learns After Effects Roto Brush on their first day of Motion Design class. They build Cinema 4D MoGraph structure on their second meeting in a Digital Arts class. Combine with cross-discipline exploration around the topic, and the long-term results are impressively improved student work quantity and quality. The student learned more, better, and faster.

Intuitive Pencil

Prof. Liu believes speed, the essential to establish confidence and make software just an intuitive pencil. His students among the fastest-group of humans for some computer tasks. Such as creating and setup accurate digital documents; create a subject selection and layer masks, or forming 3D objects. The student is training to repeat similar tasks as finding a machine follows a pattern while exhausting varieties to looking at the new possibilities which can only humans do.

Nature Imagination

Prof. Liu believed most creative works that achievable by humans have already been made, so the student should immerse into the past rather than Instagram feed. He keeps updating his teaching materials, shows new works, and compares with an old idea. By analytic decoding new and masterworks, encoding it to a well-structured assignment, Prof. Liu helps students nurture their visual language.

Visual art education is to teach the learner to receive inspiration from our everyday world and convert findings into works use their intuitive pencil. Imagination occurs when human interaction with nature, light, atmosphere, weather, lives, and existing physical objects. As a teacher, Prof. Liu's crucial responsibility is to help his students love what they have learned, benefit from it many years later, and ultimately, became a lifetime learner who will inspire others.